"It's only worth baking, if it is baking with passion"

Spreadsheets, revenue forecasting, profit and loss analysis, processes, governance – these were once my typical days.  I would leave the house in the morning and not come home until late in the evening. My days were consumed by emails, appointments and deep analysis in front of a computer.  After work, i would be spending a lot of my' me-time' in the kitchen. Whether it's baking cookies or cakes or prepping meals for the family or experimenting with new recipes, i found these to be a perfect avenue for me to switch off from my work mind.


It wasn't long before I realised that corporate world was not where I wanted to be, I started questioning myself of what my goal in life is and whether I was working towards where I would like to be. That is when I began my transition from the corporate world to what I am doing now


I did not go straight into commercial baking, in fact there was initially no intention to start a business, for me it was more following my passion and getting the opportunity to do things I enjoy doing.


In 2015, after repeated encouragements from family and friends who I had been baking for, as well as the support from my husband, I finally braved myself to start a small cake business and named it Rollpublic.


Rollpublic was started with the idea of focusing in Asian Inspired swiss rolls with unique flavors that are commonly found in Asian countries (but are hard to find here in Perth). We started with 4 flavors and soon added another 4 to a total of 8 flavors that we have now.


As Rollpublic grows, I decided to pursue my other passion in buttercream cake decorating. I always find it very fascinating to be able to craft real-like flowers out of buttercream. I was surprised to learn that no one does them here in Perth so I took the time to travel to Asia (where it originates from) to learn the art of 3D buttercream flowers - two trips, four months and countless hours of practicing later, I am happy to finally be able to offer this to my customers and the amazing words that I received from all the customers made all these efforts worthwhile.


With the continued growth of Rollpublic and the constant support of customers who many I have become friends with, I keep reminding myself of how fortunate I have been and that I will continue to maintain things that makes Rollpublic special, to continue to only use the best ingredients, to bake and make everything from scratch (from the sponge cake, pastries, jam to ganache) and to put thoughts into every individual cake that we bake and decorate. Most important of all, to continue baking with passion!

Vonny Ng


For me, the secret ingredients to a success is being passionate in what you are doing/pursuing. Baking is my passion and through my creations, I would like to share this passion with you.